A Modern Boutique with Hand Picked Items
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Our Story


Olipikapa is a modern boutique with on-trend, hand-picked products we are crazy about...just for you! Ideal for gifting or showing self-love. The idea for our store began as a creative twist on the owner’s corporate gig, over 17 years of print and promotions with the building and growth of Gorman Foy, which we still love.

Hey y'all! We are Kerri & Karen! We are the owners and have been best friends, business partners, moms & wives for over 20 years. We met in college and have been in each other’s lives ever since. Who doesn’t want to spend almost every day with their best friend!? It’s a win, win!

We are passionate about Gorman Foy where we source great products & gifts for clients on a corporate level, so why not do the same on a personal level? We stay busy…very busy…and wouldn’t change it!
So where did we get the crazy name? We wanted something unique and memorable. While brainstorming, of course our kiddos kept coming up. There are four between us. Olivia (OLI) Pierce (PI) Kate (KA) Parker (PA) - it stuck! They range in age from 10 to almost 16. We loved it, it made sense. They are our WHY!  The reason we work. To provide for our families, but to also have a place to get away from them because let’s get real, moms need a break too! We adore our broods, but also LOVE our “girl time”.
Olipikapa is a work in progress, join us on our journey. We hope you love our products as much as we do. We hope they bring joy to your life! Add some cute and whimsy, or some function and organization to the crazy and chaos that can be life. Be present and enjoy the ride!